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Entitles you to a Year Membership to OUGES for the duration of your degree for the Academic Year 2022-2023 


You will NOT need to have paid the membership to take part in NUEL/NSE leagues for any games. membership benefits are outlined below.


  • Access to Game servers like Minecraft and Terraria (pending enough interest)

  • In-person game events: Fund from membership may be used snacks for members who attend eg like for viewing and community game nights

  • Entry into various in-person talks and events from speakers

  • Discounts from our partners - NZXT and Viewsonic

  • AFK ESPORTS Suite: Members will be able to use the Esports Suite during Esports hours for games with their teams or by themselves. Please see the Suite Page for more information

  • Viewing parties for different games

  • In-person society events: Members get entry to in-person society wide events. 

    • Members with the higher tier are entitled to a free drink at the society wide event

  • End of term dinner and drinks

  • Voting rights in OUES elections

  • Entry to the official members register 

OUGES Year Membership

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