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Our facilities

A key principal Partner AFK whose CEO, Matt Woods, attended Oxford and was part of OUGES back in 2018. OUGES and AFK are committed to working together to enrich student experience, healthy gaming and esports at Oxford and to creating unique opportunities and pathways for our students as we embark on this partnership together.


The Suite is powered by our partners NZXT, Viewsonic and SCAN who are similarly committed to supporting the Collegiate gaming and esports scene. Our partners may be present at the various events we hold throughout the year. 

Using the facility

OUGES members can use the Suite during our Gaming Hours which are currently 2-3 days a week from 6-11pm for MT23. Days the Suite will be open will be published to members on our discord so keep an eye out!


Each week we will be streaming games for NUEL or NSE from within the Suite. Each game has been allocated a week where they will be streamed but if you wish for your game or team to be streamed then message our Streams Officer on Discord and we can arrange this!

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