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Entitles you to Full Lifetime Membership to OUGES for the duration of your degree. Upon graduation from Oxford University, automatically converts to an alumni membership


You will NOT need to have paid the membership to take part in NUEL/NSE leagues for any games. membership benefits are outlined below.


  • Access to Game servers like Minecraft and Terraria (pending enough interest)

  • In-person game events: Fund from membership may be used snacks for members who attend eg like for viewing and community game nights

  • Entry into various in-person talks and events from speakers

  • Discounts from our partners - NZXT and Viewsonic

  • AFK ESPORTS Suite: Members will be able to use the Esports Suite during Esports hours for games with their teams or by themselves. Please see the Suite Page for more information

  • Viewing parties for different games

  • In-person society events: Members get entry to in-person society wide events. 

    • Members with the higher tier are entitled to a free drink at the society wide event

  • End of term dinner and drinks

  • Voting rights in OUES elections

  • Entry to the official members register 

OUGES Life Membership

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